Top geyser companies in Gauteng offer electric geyser services as well as solar geyser installation services.

These services are part of urgent plumbing services, as they cover items like burst geyser services. A burst geyser service looks into water leaks inside the roof cannot be allowed to exist long

Common packages include the supply and install services, in which the geyser installation contractor supplies the geyser and installs it

The most geyser installers will offer a free quote, whereby they send out plumbers to the client’s site for quote inspection.

This is especially common when it comes to solar geyser installation services. It arises mainly due to the fact that most clients are not able to fully understand the various considerations for installations. Therefore, clients are most likely to get an inspection from solar companies before they quote on an installation. This should not be a problem to the client as it ensures accurate quotation and preparedness by the geyser firm. The service come free of charge from top solar companies anyway.

What Do Top Geyser Companies In Gauteng Consider For Geyser Installation Price?

When it comes to geyser installation, particularly solar geyser installations, there are certain aspects that should be taken into account

Firstly, geyser contractors will ask if the installation is a replacement or a first time. This is because a new installation makes use of existing infrastructure. However, it may still be necessary ascertain the state of such a structure. Especially if it is a result of a burst electric or burst solar geyser. This is due to the fact that in certain cases some elements may also get compromised.

New installations mean calculating length of pipes and in the case of solar geysers, other aspects like roof strength, climate and locality

Climatic Conditions

The climatic conditions determine what sort of solar geyser to install.

Frost dependant geysers – some solar geysers are not frost friendly

Frost free geysers – some geysers may be useful I both frost and frost free zones

Coastal areas – require similarly designed geysers

Inland – specific for inland

Pressure Requirements

High pressure

Low pressure

High pressure solar geysers are most preferred as they have a long lasting span, commensurate with the cost of installing solar geyser

Electric geyser considerations

Total length from water supply to geyser

Size of geyser

Location of geyser

Some Popular Geyser Brands In South Africa

In some cases, clients know exactly what they need and therefore might choose to buy the geyser themselves. Plumbing suppliers often run promotions and one might take advantage of low geyser cost at the time.

Here is a list of some of the top brands to give clients a head start in case you would like to buy your own geyser and pay for installation.


Heat Tech



Builders High Pressure

High Pressure


Low pressure

The sun low pressure

ANAC solar




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