Air conditioner sanitizing and servicing is become more necessary as business returns to normalcy. Most organisations are now engaging air conditioning companies in Gauteng to sanitize and service their units. Air conditioning contractor includes sanitizing in their aircon servicing package

Air conditioning cleaning and sanitizing is necessary to prevent your air conditioners from spreading any virus. Therefore chemicals that kill bacteria are used in this case. Sanitizing of air conditioners can be loosely referred to as air treatment or “air repair”. This is because the air coming from the cleaned unit is free of virus, hence higher quality air circulates within a room

Air conditioner treatment will become more frequent and cheaper as contractors adjust the pricing to ensure client affordability. The basic rule of quantity vs pricing will naturally bring air conditioning service price down

Sanitizing gets rid of allergens, dust, pollen and mold

Air Conditioning Sanitizing and Servicing Checklist

Both the minor and major air conditioning and sanitizing service will include the following areas

Replacement/repair of air conditioning compressor

Inspection of air conditioning condenser unit repairs and replacement

Cleaning and inspecting air conditioning fan and air conditioning gauges

Examining and repair & service of air conditioning vacuum pump

Cleaning of filters

Examining and repair of air conditioning circuit board if needed

Inspection and testing of controls and safety

Refrigerant change where necessary

Inspection and cleaning of relays and contractors

Recording temperature and pressure

Tightening any loose unit wiring

Testing capacitors

Checking thermostat, motors, condensate drain, belts and pulleys

Lubricating all rotating elements



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