Unblock drains DIY.

A frequent plumbing problem experienced by home owners and tenants in South Africa is that of a clogged drain.

This can be any one of the following

Blocked shower drain

Clogged sink drain

Blocked sewer drain

Or just a blocked toilet

Blocked drainage pipes should never be ignored.

Severe blockages can also result in burst pipes, which costly to repair. There are some natural ways to deal with clogged drainage without using special blocked drain tools

Unblock drains the green way. The benefits of green drain cleaning solutions

Use of natural products for drain cleaning is encouraged. There is no toxic chemicals in the drain unblocking process, therefore the environment is safe

This will ultimately save on drainage pipes longevity, as some drain cleaning chemicals tend to corrode the pipes

Natural drain cleaners are safer and they are also easy to apply. Furthermore, green solutions are very cheap.


Works well for drain blockages caused by fats especially in the sink.

It is a quick and easy solution for your clogged sink drains


These chemicals can dissolve grease and food, and other substances such as hair strands

However, they are also limited as they cannot penetrate solid masses. In such cases a drain cleaning specialist can help


A plunger one of common drain unblocking tools. Simple and easy to use, makes use of pressure and can be very useful for a blocked toilet


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