Common Causes Of blocked drain In South Africa

Here are the most common causes of blocked drains:

Tree roots

Tree roots are the most stubborn cause of clogged sewer drains especially in wooded areas.

The roots can find their way into the drainage piping systems.

Normally, specialists are required to clean a drain clogged by roots, as they employ drain machines.

Roots trap tissues and other objects within the drainage system and this results in blockages

Tissues and Wipes

Some washable bathroom wipes can also result in drain blockages

Only biodegradable matter is easily processed by plumbing waste systems, so any type of harder tissue or paper may have a negative impact on the system. Tampons and sanitary pads are often found in the drainage systems and this is not supposed to be so. Some residents flush tampon in the toilet and this is not recommended



Other Commonly Ignored Causes Of Blocked Drain

Fat, oil and grease

These are common causes especially for sink drains. Fat from various oils are not welcome as they are sticky and tend to solidify and accumulate and trap other matter. Examples are bacon grease and fatty foods

Hair & Toiletry

Loose air can find its way on the pipes and accumulate on bends, causing blockages particularly in basins and showers. Pieces of bar soap can also potentially block a toilet

Pipe Disintegration

It is important to have regular maintenance of the plumbing system to address matters before hand, be it blocked drains or leakages.

Poor plumbing workmanship

Poor plumbing such as a piping system that does not slope well can cause blockages.Usually the pipe will bend at a point alone the system due to the weight of water and debris stuck at a single place.

Things to avoid in the drainage system


Egg shells

Meat, skin and bones


Potato peels


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