Drain unblocking tools: Drain Snakes

A drain snake is a coiled cable that works well in small drains of 25mm up to 50mm.  The pipes can either be PVC or galvanized.

Typically, they can be useful in unblocking sink drains, basin drains and tubs. Plumbers spin insert and spin the cable to create torque in the piping. As the cable moves along the pipe and winds up, it clears debris in the drainage pipe.

A drain snake can be manual or automatic. The automatic is spun by a power tool, connected to electricity


Simple and yet effective tool. The plunger uses pressure to push away debris blocking the drain.

Mostly used for toilets, showers as well sink and bath drains.

They come in different variations such as T handle type.

drain unblocking tools

drain unblocking tools

Manual drain unblocking Tools: Drain rods

A manually operated system of connected drain rods is very useful for unclogging sewer drains.

Drain rods come in different thickness, the thinner ones are able to negotiate bends easily. The thinner rods, however are not as strong in pushing blockages away. Conversely, thicker rods tend to force debris away and break them down although they do not negotiate bends easily

Rods have various other attachments that can be useful for a variety of situations. For pushing away material, professional drain surgeons attach a plunger at the front end. The plunger is a circular rubber that fits tightly on the circumference of the pipes, increasing pressure by trapping all air inside. Most warehouses in South Africa supply drain rods

A worm, or double worm can also be attached in front. This one is most useful in tearing down and breaking down debris. By turning the rods, the worm cuts the debris, such as roots and other foreign objects in the drainage pipes. A hooked end can also be used for the same effect

Drain Machine

The drain machine comes with a coiled cable that is similar to the snake, but much thicker and is powered by electricity. Similar to drain rods, the ends of a drain machine can have special attachments to it for effect, such as a cutter, a worm or even a plunger. The drain machine is a very powerful drain cleaning tool, able to cut off roots and clear stubborn drain blockages.


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