Plumbing companies provide plumbing maintenance services, installation, and repair services to different types of businesses.

Additionally, plumbers respond unplanned calls for emergency plumbing repairs such as water leaks and drain blocks.

Typical clients are property management firms and realtors, individual homeowners, and tenants as well as businesses and government departments.

Plumbers are almost always on the move, from place to place attending various plumbing requests. Therefore, plumbing firms and freelance plumbers spend time and money in vehicle maintenance, buying tools and equipment as well as on insurance.

The plumbing industry has a lot of players, such that to stay in business, a good marketing strategy is necessary. Most well-known plumbing firms rely on social media adverts, online marketing as well as word of mouth to stay in the limelight. Like other handymen companies, plumbers also partner with other tradesmen to expand their presence and tap into new clients.

Occupational Heath and Plumbing Work

One of the concerns for most plumbing firms is to keep high safety standards and do way with or limit the risks relating to wok. Health hazards that may affect the plumbers include asbestos related illnesses such as inflammation and scarring. Also, plumbers work in confined spaces as well, so the workforce should be competent to work in such environments.

What is The Common Piping Material Trusted by Most Plumbing Companies?

Copper pipes form one of the most versatile plumbing materials in use for pipework today, due to its qualities of strength, flexibility, and ease of use. However, different situations require different pipes according to function.

Copper plumbing – Good for water supply especially in houses and offices. There is rigid copper and flexible copper, each one with different function. Rigid copper can be cut and soldered and is good for housing use.

Flexible copper is particularly useful for small areas where the working space is such that flexibility is more important to allow work in tight spaces.

Galvanized plumbing, Galvanized pipes are no longer famous, but are still found in old houses and other non-potable water distribution systems.

High density polyethylene (HDPE) – Good for irrigation, pool piping and other water transfer systems. They are stiffer and harder than LDPE and therefore a higher resistance to high heat levels. Additionally, they can also withstand the effect of certain chemical agents.

Like copper, HDPE is a very versatile plastic material for use in plumbing.


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