Tiling floors and walls make a huge difference on the overall appeal of a room or a property and give more value to the building

There are many options for tiling installations to suit the space, some for indoor walls and floors, and others for outdoors

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Tiles may also be named by material forming present in them or by purpose.

Popular tiles used for home and business space includes:

Porcelain and ceramic floor tiles, such as Kilimanjaro, forms of glazed porcelain, big and small for both indoor and outdoor floors.

Outdoor floor tile includes options like Oak Matt porcelain as well as Kilimanjaro Eco Matt porcelain

Tiles come in different sizes and shapes, to allow variation in design as well as for specific area application.

Tiling Options According to Area

All-purpose floor tiles – these tiles may be useful for different space requirements, can fit in bathrooms as well as kitchens and garages.

Bathroom floor and wall tiles – ideal for showers and bathroom spaces. Other tiling designs are made to give a relaxing atmosphere, therefore ideal when taking long hot baths. Mosaics are particularly good in shower floor areas, small tiles that allows for beautiful drainage slope designs.

Kitchen floor and wall tiles – designed to suit the overall kitchen appearance.

Garage floor tiles – ideal for garage floors and walls, where there is possibility for hanging tools and placing equipment. Porcelain tiles can withstand staining and are long lasting, making them one of the best options for garage floor tiling. Options include interlocking floor tiles and vinyl composite garage floor tiles.

The popular choices remain ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, natural stone tiles, stone-veneer tiles, and glass tiling.

Outdoor tiling requires strong tiles that can withstand whether changes, such as marble and granite which are also low on tile maintenance costs.

Good tiling is not only a matter of buying good tiles but employing good tilers for tile installations.

Good tilers

A good tiler is careful on how to prepare a solid base. Top tile installers make sure to chip away any substance that prevents proper bonding of adhesive before installing tiles.

After that, to make sure surface is well level or in case of shower floors, tiling should slope towards drain.

Tile installers minimize cutting tiles by using full tiles as much as possible. Too much tile cuttings gives a sloppy appearance. A skilled tiler uses symmetry to gain even better appeal, such as making sure opposite sides of a bathroom have same tile sizes and arrangements. Even when tiling around features, like kitchen tiling for instance.  You need the tiles around kitchen sink to have same size and be symmetrical.

For new buildings, experienced tilers know that they should give enough time for concrete to cure before applying tiling.

During the entire period of breaking walls and plastering, a good tiler Isolates surfaces to prevent dust getting into cupboards and other areas while working.

The proper use tiling material that suits the project is an obvious requirement. Moreover, experts in tiling can use material like grout to enhance appearance.  For example, using grout that is a bit darker or lighter to the colour of tiles to bring out a good eye appeal.

Good tiling skills also means knowing where to put full tiles and where to put small cut offs. Good tilers put the full tiles where there is high visibility, areas that are in the clear view and put cut tiles away from vicinity, like hidden edges for instances.

Tilers should use the right tools for straight edges and corners

Helps client in choosing the correct types of tiles and decides on the way of layering tiles.

Cleaning and polishing tiles for a smooth final finish.

A tiling contractor who knows the relationship between room size and size of tiles gives the client an advantage in choice of tile sizes. Poor size matching will result in less appealing results.


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