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Redshadow Professional Engineering Surveyors
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 Professional Engineering Surveyors Firm – Redshadow Engineering Surveyors 

We are a top engineering surveying company in South Africa offering a wide range of surveying consultancy services across all provinces of South Africa

Here Is What Our Engineering Surveying Consultancy Can Assist With On Your Project

Our professional engineering surveyors work hand in hand with civil engineers and other engineering professionals in the planning phase of
civil projects
environmental projects
and other land based project investigation and analysis
Redshadow Engineering Survey Consultancy ensures quality in the investigation of land features by taking accurate data relating to elevation, size and relative positions of both man made features and natural features
We provide project planners with tools for assessing and designing projects by means of contouring, mapping, general plans and layouts
Our team provides solid base for civil engineers to design civil projects and buildings, by making use of our well prepared topographical files and electronic data that is editable. We provide the first point of reference to Geomatic elements of any construction projects, hence the a name Geomatic Surveyors.
Our service informs designers and planners of extent of boundary demarcations for project proposals and on going projects

Professional Engineering Survey Firm’s Quality Control On Site
During construction phase, our construction surveyors are full time on site, or would perform regular site visits depending on project requirements

Our pool of construction surveyors in South Africa is very rich, with diversity in experience. We draw our experience and expertise from members who have work knowledge of various fields of engineering.

Civil surveying – quality control during erection of civil projects such as bridges, storm water and pipeline systems. Regular monitoring and setting out to give direction to site teams on the dimensional aspects of construction. Setting out of these and other facilities Buildings




Water lines

Sewer lines

Dam structures

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