Pedicure Services Sandton, Greenside, Rosebank 065 109 8749

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Pedicure Services Sandton, Greenside, Rosebank 065 109 8749
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Professional pedicure services in Parktown, value for money in a relaxing and cosy environment. Enjoy the best nail polish and nail treatment in Parktown.
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Pedicure services and Manicure Services Parkwood, our specialty nail beauty salon offers top nail polish services in Parkwood.

Call or book for a luxurious nail treatment service and pampering from our top beauty therapists.

Polish Nail Spa is the home of professional boutique nail salon in Parkwood offering value for money

Check our nail services list and select your choice from the nail menu

Manicures – choice of nail care services include French manicures, acrylics, silk, dip powder nails and fiberglass wraps. The best acrylic overlays and extensions in town are found at Polish Nail Spa

Pedicures – enjoy our luxurious cosmetic treatments of toenails in a therapeutic environment. We offer a cosy space for your peace of mind, body comfort and soul therapy as we work on your toenails. Additionally, our pedicures menus come with a side of relaxing feet massage, where we apply moisturizing creams.

Dry nail polish -maintain your natural nail curve by doing a dry nail polish. Good eye appeal, strong manicure and done in less than 30 minutes

Liquid nail polish – a wonderful experience of nail care service to ensure healthy nails, nourishing hard and brittle nails to obtain a spectacular nail finish.

Additional to our base service, we offer aromatic oils to give a feeling of comfort, warmth and relaxation.
Our Top Range Pedicure Services Menu
French pedicure – well marked thin line of white strip to grace the tip of your toenails, over a dominant pink or neutral nail polish.

Gel pedicure – feet management and treatment followed by layer-after-layer application of gel polish to your toenails, just like Gel manicure.

Spa pedicure – enjoy longer pampering with feet soaking, foot massage and exfoliation. We provide the best spa pedicure in Parkwood. Additionally, you receive hot towel rub and paraffin wax dip.

Mini Pedicure – low cost, simple yet effective foot management and treatment. Small changes, huge difference. Enjoy this fast and cheap pedicure in Parkwood, where we remove polish, re fill and re polish nails. Therefore this package has no massage or exfoliation.

Margarita pedicure – a ten-minute foot treatment that also softens your heels.

Athletic pedicure – for athletes, men and women alike

Waterless Pedicure – a heathy foot treatment procedure using warm wet towels. Fresh look on your pedicure.
Questions about Pedicure and Manicure Treatments Parkwood Answered.
How do I choose the best manicure for my situation?

First, consider the final looks you desire

Then, factor in the maintenance needs of your chosen style and decide if you can handle it easily

After that, choose the type that suits your budget

Finally, you need to decide if you can manage frequent visits for treatment or you want options where you can remove at your own pace. Some types require fort-nightly attention.
Which nail polish is strongest?
Among the list of popular tried and tested nail polish brands we list a few, but there is a wide range of nail treatment products with long lasting results.







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011 447 7952/ 065 109 8749
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Shop 5, The Parks Shopping Centre, Jan Smuts Ave, Parkwood, Johannesburg
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