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Air conditioner brands – get professional installation, repairs and maintenance contractor for your specific brand name.

Here is a list of some of the common air conditioners in South Africa

LG Air conditioners Panasonic air conditioners Samsung air conditioners
Midea Air Conditioners York Air Conditioners Tempest Air Conditioners
Carrer Air Conditioners Jet-Air Air Conditioners All-Air Air Conditioners Gree Air Conditioners Alliance Air Conditioners Fujistu Air Conditioners
Infinity Air Conditioners Aux Air Conditioners
Kelvinator air conditioner brand Dunham Bush Air Conditioners

Air Conditioner Brand – Contractors

Most air conditioner technicians are able to work on any air conditioning system and brand name. Different brand names have their unique features and specifications, however, the more knowledgeable technicians are able to do fault finding on any unit.

We have technicians familiar with a host of air conditioner brands from the traditionally dominant aircon units to the latest and modern units

Many brands have come into the market, fundamental basics remain th same, and the finer difference separating them is not missed by competent technicians. You can also get advice from the technicians



Air Conditioner Brands – Aircon Services By Brand