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Obtain all electrical services for home and commercial property from this directory.
Wide range of electric fittings and repair services for the home and office space. Most electrical work such as repairs and installs are best left to electricians. The best electricity service providers in Gauteng are found here.

Basically, you get resolve for vast electrical needs and services that one may need in a home or office setting.

There are local electricians available anywhere in Gauteng, to fix urgent electricity issues at home as well as at your offices.

List of all electrical Help You can ask for and get Sorted

Electrical trips & faulty wires – fast response to sort out urgent issues that relate to power trips. Whether you experience power trips at home or in a process plant, even a warehouse, you can get a very good service fast.

Wiring – home and office wiring, neat and complete work done in a safe manner and with zero risk when it comes to use. You may need to wire electric lines in ceilings, under floor, and within walls.

Appliance repair – various electric tools and appliances that fail can be fixed fast at reasonable rates.

The technicians install and fix lights – electricity contractors to fix your lights and install new lights. Whether you are changes your lights to a more modern style, or simply installing lights to clear darkness, you get it all. From lights inside the house to outside lights like flood lights, boundary wall lights or courtyard lights.
Electric fence erection – service providers for all electric fence systems can be found on the directory.

To install generator change over switches.

Power Supply Issues

No power issues – if your system can no longer transfer power within the building, you need an electrician to have a look at your lines.

To repair and to install DB boards – for both new buildings and existing ones.
Electricians inspect and certify electric systems.

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Electrician services in Pretoria and Johannesburg. Redshadow Group is a company that offers services such as to maintain home and office buildings. Call us or book for any repair or to fit-in new electrical parts.
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51 Puttick Avenue
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