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Electric geyser repair service across all Gauteng towns and suburbs, at very reasonable rates. Hot water is one of the basics at home, to enable bathing and even washing dishes at times. Often times, home owners and tenants may come across problems with hot water supply. And while some of the problems may appear minor, they may turn out to be destructive and costly to repair if left with no resolve. Other geyser problems may just present an inconvenience. For instance, when there is not enough hot water coming through. This is an inconvenience that one can easily overcome by calling an electric geyser repair plumber to quickly attend to.

What an electric geyser repair service plumber can do for your hot water system

Electric geysers may present one or more of these common issues over time, calling for immediate examination.
When you start hearing noises that were not audible before, it is time to call a hot water plumber.
You may also notice that the hot water coming out of your pipes is cloudy or smells. Call a plumber to repair your electric geyser in good time.
Another noticeable defect that one may see is rust or leaks on joints. Even slow leaks should be treated with urgency, as they could result in sparks when water gets in contact with electric wires. Therefore, electric geyser repairs should be done as soon as one notices such leaks.
Geyser plumber can help you replace faulty thermostats, isolation points for power, and to replace burnt water heater elements.
Another additional service that a geyser plumber can help with is the maintenance and service of the geyser. Activities like regular draining of geyser and cleaning it up can help by extending the lifespan of the geyser. Replacing the sacrificial anode will ensure that the geyser material will not easily corrode.

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