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An electric trip or power trip is one thing that can annoy a user. Yet it is a common form of electrical problem in homes and buildings. Unless you find the source, you will find out that power keeps tripping whenever you try to switch on some device or a plug.
An electrical handyman can find resolve for electric tripping issues within an hour or two. If you face with such a problem, you can find help right here!
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Electricians with know-how and experience in Gauteng to help you restore your electric systems and devices. Tripping of electricity cannot be a cause of stress. Just make a phone call and you will get an electric trip fix job done in very good time.

Power trip causes

An electric trip fix job looks into the circuit breaker and appliances that link to it. Circuit breaker trips can be the right way to define electric trip meaning. When electricity trips, it is the circuit breaker that goes down. Circuit breakers are meant to trip power as a means to protect devices from damage. Therefore, a circuit breaker will trip to shut out power supply whenever there is an unwelcome power surge or fault on the system. Thus, a breaker is a safety control device, providing safety to gadgets and people alike.
Causes of electric trips are mainly found on three basic aspects.
It is important to keep correct loading on the plugs, and avoid adding too many gadgets on a single plug. Placing high loads on electrical system results in overload, which eventually causes over -heating and power trips.
Short Circuits
Short circuit is one of the common reasons for power trips. Live wires should not come into contact with neutral wire, as that will expose gadgets to risks. Faulty wiring on electrical gadgets and plugs can also cause power trips.
Ground fault
When a live wire comes in contact a bare copper ground wire a metal to which the ground wire is connected, the breaker trips.

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