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An electrical technician is one with the skill-set and qualities to install and maintain electric systems. The scope of work includes to install electric wires, circuits, and outlets. Therefore, electrical technicians make it possible for devices, tools and other usable parts like lights to receive power to run. Repair and installation electricians may choose to focus on home maintenance works or industry works.
Apart from the scope of fitting in systems, they repair broken wires, faulty breakers and outlets, as well as appliances that use electricity. This work demands the ability to inspect and find faults on systems and devices. A technician in the electricity field should have proper training to enable him to solve issues and do it in a safe way.

Duties of an Electrical technician

The best electrical service providers will often carry out the following duties:
Read drawings and deduce the actual position of outlets and fixtures
Fit in new electric wires, outlets, and controls as well as modify the ones in current use.
Maintain wires in a system.
Inspect distribution box and breakers and make sure they follow the standard regulations. Furthermore, to ensure that the correct size of circuit breakers are in use.
Make sure that electric parts match their national codes and to follow best practice in electrical work.
Fault finding and problem solving, by making use of electric tools and devices to read out values of current and determine presence of electric flow.
To repair a faulty wire system.
Replace worn out parts of a system.
Following state and local building regulations.

The Required Skill-Set of Electricians.

Fitness and strength – body fitness is essential for electricians to be able to move around and work on elevated platforms. Additionally, the electrician should be able to lift the cables and other tools as the job requires.
Visual clarity – should be able to separate different colours clearly, as the wires and other parts have colour codes.
Critical-Thinking Skills – test faulty systems and parts and identify the source of problems and come out with a solution to fix it.
Good communication skills and ability to relate well with clients.

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