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Home Plumbing Services Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Professional plumbing services for the home, affordable and reliable plumbing services

Quick service for any domestic plumbing repairs and maintenance services, including installation of various plumbing facilities.

Enjoy a home free of leakages, with a complete installation of quality plumbing facilities by engaging one of the trusted plumbing contractors

List Of Home Plumbing Services

Emergency domestic plumber requests – dealing with urgent plumbing matters such as broken water pipes, burst geyser and unblocking drains

Installation of plumbing facilities – installation of bathroom plumbing facilities. These include toilet installations, basin and shower installations as well as bath tub installation.

Installation of kitchen facilities – installation of sink, mixers and other kitchen plumbing facilities

Repair and maintenance – the repair and maintenance of domestic plumbing facilities. Toilet repairs and leak fixing, such as leaking pan connectors, leaking toilet base or unblocking the toilet.

Repair of geyser parts that do not work anymore, fixing geyser pipe leaks, fixing broken mixers and valves

Repair and servicing of gutters ( roof plumbing )

To repair and maintain cold water and hot water lines for the home environment

Unblocking sewer drains

Installation and repairs of washing machine water supply and dainage

Installation of home water pumps.

Home Plumbing