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Laying paver stones is a service that most home maintenance contractors offer. The process of laying paver stones comes in a few stages.
First, a plan of the site layout. The plan will begin on paper and end up with physical marks on the ground. At this stage, a contractor will also look into how the floor should slope in order to drain away rain water and surface water.
Then, after a plan for layout is complete, the total area to lay in paver stones is added up. This will inform the decision on the number of blocks necessary as well as the total amount of material to use.
Third, to dig up and remove poor soil and to replace it with gravel and bedding sand. The layers should be compact and solid to support movement above it and human load or vehicles.

Tools and material for laying paver blocks and stones

Paver installers make use of various tools to get the best out of their skills and art.
These include grinders to cut masonry and concrete, shovels and shades, brooms, spirit level and many other handyman tools.
A plate compactor is largely in use to compact the ground.
To complete the task, material such as sand, cement and concrete is needed.
It is important to note that base material should have certain qualities in the mix. These properties are: –
1. A good amount of coarse stones
2. Crushed stones
3. Regular and irregular shaped material
Upon laying paver stones, contractors will have to cut some stones to fit in on the edges.
Therefore, the edges also need to be secure, and in most cases an outer layer will need cement to secure the pavement.
In the end, a brush and knife have to be used to level up the soil that springs out after compaction. Paving compaction depends on purpose, for example a walkway pavement needs less than a vehicle carrying pavement.
Finally, the pavement needs a seal to secure it. This is done by adding fine sand like silica, and using a brush to spread it evenly.

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