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Plumber electrician, get the best of both worlds and engage a plumbing and electrical service provider for a two in one service.

Geyser installations, plumbing and electrical repairs and installations, and a host of other combination of needs from plumber and electrician

Save money by engaging a single contractor for both your plumbing and electrical needs be it repairs or new installations

Plumber Electrician Services

Both plumbing and electrical services happening at once. Save money from calling two handymen when you can have a plumbing and electrical service provider.

Solar geyser and electric geyser installations may require both a plumber and an electrician. The electrical part of geyser installation is mainly to ensure that power is in supply without hindrance. Furthermore, the electrical component also entails that the entire electrical system is following safe guidelines and is in compliance. Plumbing aspects deal with the geyser itself and the supply of water to the geyser

Sewer ejector pump and borehole pump installation is also another area where plumbing and electrical expertise may be necessary

This also means that a plumbing and electrical service provider can provide full plumbing services and full electrical services.

Other plumbing/electrical needs include installation of heat pumps for geysers as well as heat pumps for swimming pool

You can still engage such a provider for exclusive electrical service or exclusive plumber service