Directory Category: Plumbing Leaks Repairs

Plumbing Leaks Repairs Johannesburg and Pretoria – emergency resolve of your water leakages in Johannesburg. We have a fast and efficient team to handle emergency water leaking crises.

Broken copper pipes

Irrigation pipes – we also fix any leakages arising from broken irrigation pipes

Galvanized water pipes – there is no material that is too hard for us to handle. call us for repair of your leaking galvanized pipes

Plastic pipes – all manner of pipes, basic service. We ensure that you have water and no spills in such times of difficulty.

Plumbing Leaks Repairs – Facilities

Most home and office plumbing facilities get water supply through a system of either copper pipes, plastic or galvanized pipes.

Mixers – kitchen and toilet mixers can also leak due to worn out seals as well as broken cartridges.

Geyser – a geyser may leak due to a faulty or finished thermostat cover, or could actually burst itself (in which case a replacement of geyser is the only solution)

Water supply lines – these may leak under ground, on surface or within walls.

Toilet leaks – toilet may leak due to faulty toilet flushing mechanism, weak seals, or may leak at the points of supply or drainage (pan connector)