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Toilet Repair Plumber & Other Plumbing Services

Loose toilet base – a toilet base may become loose at the base due to activity such as maintenance. This will eventually result in leaks as the toilet begin to move when someone sits on top

Leaking pan connector – a leaking pan connector causes plenty of water to to leak resulting in a pool of water around the toilet.

Flexible connectors – these ones may leak due to old age, or if there are kinks present those kinks will give way. The flexible connectors may also leak at the contact points with the cistern or contact point with a valve.

Leaking toilet cistern – a toilet cistern may leak  at the bottom, where it comes in contact with pipes running down to the seat. The area around the flushing handle may also leak if the handle seals are finished

Continuous running of water from cistern – may be due to a faulty mechanism or worn out seals