Water heater installation services at very good rates. We install and repair various brands of water heaters in Gauteng.

Experience the best in home and office electric water heater fittings. Complete service that fulfils all requirements for safety as well as long term usage.

We have very careful and fully trained geyser plumbers for the job.

Additionally, we advise on any geyser related matter. You have a choice in terms of how you want your water geyser fitted.

We install horizontal water geysers as well as vertical water geysers.

Horizontal water geyser installation is ideal in spaces like ceilings, where there is space in the horizontal direction. They are also common when installing a geyser outside of a building, such as against a wall at the back yard, or against a wall in a garage.

Vertical water geyser installation is ideal when there is not enough space in the horizontal direction. This is a common method to fit a geyser for units in a complex for instance, or multi story buildings. In such cases, a duct built outside will provide best opportunity for making the most of the space available.

About Our Rates for Water Heater installations

When we say we are the best, we mean we can give you a top service at extremely reasonable rates. Geyser installation prices begin from R6800, to supply and install a geyser

The rates will depend on distance of copper pipes necessary, size of geyser, choice geyser brand, and any other special need.

Our rates are not an hourly rate but rather a flat fee after assessing your area.

For replacement geysers, there is only labour cost and geyser and accessory supply cost.

Our labour is R1400 to remove and replace a geyser.

Geyser supply will vary according to brand and size.

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